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The Most Silent Park in Berlin Mitte: Krausnickpark

21. August 2015
Rote Hängematten im Park

Krausnickpark is located in turbulent mid-Berlin between the New Synagogue and Hackescher Markt (Hackescher market). It is a jewel for foot-weary tourists and stressed-out Berliners alike: it does not only offer quiet and solitude, but also public-use hammocks.

Probably the Most Unknown Park in Berlin

The metallic doors close with a loud creak, the sound of my steps echoes from the walls of the houses I just pass by and then … solitude begins. Along hedges of brambles I amble into the depth of the park, where I can see old trees with wooden swings, flower-beds, winding paths and sun-streaked lawns. There are two playgrounds with children playing their games and everything is guarded by an army of colorful balconies.

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