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Turkish Sweets at Confiserie Orientale

21. August 2015
Bonbongläser auf Tresen mit Lokum

As is well-known, Berlin is the home of the Döner. But most do not know that Turkish sweets are also very tasty and appealing. So why not enjoy a Döner-meal followed by a well assorted variety of sweets while you are in Berlin? We’re sure you won’t regret it!

Turkish Sweets in the Middle of Berlin

For a few years now, new and trendy restaurants offer Turkish cuisine that is widely unknown by the German public. A shiny example is chic Confiserie Orientale in mid-Berlin. Its specialties are Turkish sweets like marzipan and Lokum, traditional confectionery made from sugar-syrup, cornstarch, rose-water, pistachios, coconut-flakes and various fruit-extracts.

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