Turkish Sweets at Confiserie Orientale

21. August 2015
Bonbongläser auf Tresen mit Lokum

As is well-known, Berlin is the home of the Döner. But most do not know that Turkish sweets are also very tasty and appealing. So why not enjoy a Döner-meal followed by a well assorted variety of sweets while you are in Berlin? We’re sure you won’t regret it!

Turkish Sweets in the Middle of Berlin

For a few years now, new and trendy restaurants offer Turkish cuisine that is widely unknown by the German public. A shiny example is chic Confiserie Orientale in mid-Berlin. Its specialties are Turkish sweets like marzipan and Lokum, traditional confectionery made from sugar-syrup, cornstarch, rose-water, pistachios, coconut-flakes and various fruit-extracts.

Confiserie Orientale is run by a lady, which is a rare occurrence in the otherwise male-dominated Turkish restaurant scene. And you can literally feel the female charm here, given the hand-picked furniture, top-quality products and cozy atmosphere.


Say yes to the yammy sweets at Confiserie Orientale and make your sweet-tooth adore you | ©jusan, flickr.com

Exquisite Ingredients from Istanbul

You can get Lokum, better known as Turkish Delight, in cheap Turkish supermarkets as well, but these products resemble the Lokum sold in Confiserie Orientale like Spree resembles Bosporus.

The owner imports her Lokum directly from high-quality manufacturers in Istanbul, who are proud of their traditional methods: It takes hours to stir the natural ingredients for the optimum consistency. This way the Lokum is neither too sticky nor too rubber-like, but soft and in contrast to public belief not at all too sweet.

The Lokum is vegan and halal and free of artificial aromas and colors, leaving you with just the natural taste of the ingredients. So go ahead and try your senses! You’ll taste a fresh hint of mint, citrus-extract or brambles, walnut, ginger or pomegranate. And if you’re tongue liked it, why not get one of the nicely wrapped gift-boxes for those at home?

Simply Enjoy

Before you leave treat yourself to a piece or two of the owner’s home-made cakes, tarts and cookies! Here again she only uses natural and mostly bio-certified ingredients and spices which will definitely make you happy – like Cardamom, water made from orange blossoms, figs and sweet chestnut. All in all it sounds and tastes like poetry in baking.

Another highlight of your experience of the Turkish cuisine is her specially made mocha Mokkahve, strong, black and powerful the way a real oriental mocha has to taste. Take a sip and you’ll know why Turkish coffee made it to the list of immaterial cultural world heritage of the UNESCO.

Döner without Turkish sweets is incomplete. Just try for yourself!


Short data

Confiserie Orientale:

  • Mo. – Fr. 11 am – 7 pm
  • Sa. + So. noon – 6 pm




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